Get Some Extra Elbow Room For Your Next Adventure

Published on January 26, 2021 08:24 PM in Seasonal Driving & Travel

Get Some Extra Elbow Room For Next Adventure

Your family may be ready for a private getaway this winter, a place where you can shelter safely away from home. How do you pack all that winter gear and still have space in your vehicle?

If you’re feeling a bit squeezed for space when traveling this winter, we have some suggestions to clear out the your vehicle cabin.

Roof Racks can be adapted for almost any type storage and outdoor sports equipment. The key is making sure your solution is safe and secure.

Manufacturers recommend the following guidelines when installing and using roof racks:

  • Does your vehicle already have roof rails? if not, ask your advisor about getting the right ones installed. Proper fit and function are key for safety. Every make and model is different.
  • If your vehicle already has rails, consider the kind of cargo you want to carry. There are many different options for carriers and clips. For instance, transporting skis on your roof is a simple task with a variety of snap-on accessories. They may be secured with locks and bindings.
  • Large items can be stowed in fully enclosed, weatherproof capsules. They come in all shapes and sizes. Look for ones that have quality locks. Also, check your owners manual to make sure you’re under the weight recommendations. Store those heavy items inside your vehicle cabin.
  • Consider what you are carrying before purchasing the roof rack and carrying box.
  • Want a rack for skis? Basic clamps may work.  
  • Looking to stow snowshoes and other accessories such as boots or clothes? A clamshell enclosure protects gear from theft and the elements. Clamshell containers are offer safety and may be stored in the garage between trips. Racks with cushioned clamps may be best for skis and cycles.
  • Decide on the type of rack system you want for your vehicle.  Racks and carriers come in both portable and permanent configurations. Temporary racks and hitch-mounted racks may be removed easily and do not require any alternating of the roof itself. Permanent racks offer the safest way to carry winter gear. Vehicles that do not have factory-installed rails systems require permanent installation of a rails and crossbars.  If your has lengthwise rack rails, cross bars must be added to complete the system and attach cargo carriers or equipment clamps.
  • Watch the weather. Rain or snowy conditions can damage exposed gear. Small rust stains may appear on metal surfaces of ski equipment attached to roof racks.
  • Materials matter. Stainless steel parts are less likely to rust or break than plastic components. ABS plastic lasts longer and weathers better than cheap polyethylene plastic.
  • Review the aerodynamics as well as design to make sure it blends with your vehicle and minimizes wind resistance.
  • If you plan to go skiing, point ski tips toward the rear of the vehicle to reduce air resistance and vibration.
  • Ask about permanent racks and look for experienced installer that guarantees installation quality. Proper installation fits as snugly as a factory-installed rack and provides many options not available on temporary or hitch mounted racks.

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